Swarajya-Mitra Samajik Sanstha
Initiating Everyone's Governance

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    ‘Swarajya-Mitra Samajik Sanstha’ is a non-political party, secular, not-for-profit, and scientific outlook practicing registered voluntary-social organization based in agrarian crisis facing Wardha &Amravati districts in Vidarbha region in India.     We work for ‘Initiating Everyone’s Governance …’ for changing lives of Rural Community especially, Farmer’s Suicide Affected Widows and other Widows, Matrimonially Separated Women (Deserted & Divorced), Persons with Disabilities, Landless Agriculture-Laborers, Small Landholding Rain-fed Farmers, Children, and all other marginalised and unprivileged persons in scarcity of resources or impoverished or from low-income and social strata including Tribal and Nomadic Tribes.’

    We, the People of Gaurkheda Village, today dated 15th August 2019, on Auspicious Occasion of 72nd Independence Day of our Country; Give Solemn Promise that We all Adults are Duty Bound for Protection of Rights of Children in Our Village. We Shall Create Enabling Environment for Quality Education, Health, and Nutrition of all Children below 18 years of Age in Our Village. We Shall take Continuous Efforts to Eradicate Evil Practices of Child Marriages and Child Labour. We Shall be Vigilant to Protect Children from Physical, Mental, Emotional and Financial Harassments; and Shall Create Protective Environment for Children by Changing Dangerous Places and Situations. For this Purpose, We Shall Confirm Active Participation of Children in All Decision-Making Processes, and Shall Ensure Child-Friendly Affirmative and Attitudinal Changes in All Thoughts, Planning and Actions of Adults in Our Village. ... ‘Caring Society on Child Protection is Possible’

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    ‘We acknowledge with gratitude and are thankful to ‘Child Rights and You - CRY’, Mumbai; ‘Salaam Mumbai Foundation’, Mumbai; District Administration and Concerned Government Departments, Individual Donors and Resource Persons/Organizations; for being with us and supporting us in ensuring lasting change for the underprivilegedchildren and the society.

  • ‘Swarajya-Mitra’ has supported 235 government schools in Wardha District for ‘Tobacco Free School Certification’ on basis of fulfillment of 9 prescribed indicators by World Health Organization and Government of India
  • ‘Swarajya-Mitra’ has imparted 4 modules of Life Skills Sessions on ‘Health, Hygiene, Nutrition and Tobacco-Free School Premises’ in 100 schools/villages in Wardha District
  • ‘Swarajya-Mitra’ has supported Government Education Department in Campaign for Mainstreaming Never-Enrolled and Out-of-School Children in 21 villages ofArvi Block in Wardha District

  • Swarajya-Mitra Samajik Sanstha   participated with Government Education Department in Campaign for Mainstreaming Out-of-School Children in Chandur (Railway) Block on 25th August 2016
  • NAAM Foundation donated 19 Sewing Machines for Livelihood Activity of Ekal Mahila on 5th August 2016
  • ‘Swarajya-Mitra’ Sewing Skill Development School Inaugurated on 5th August 2016
  • ‘JanSamvad’ presided by Mr. Kishor Tiwari, Hon. President of Late Vasantrao Naik Shetkari Swawalmban Misson of Government of Maharashtra, 2nd May 2016